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    I've noticed in the last few days my keyboard backlight never seems to come on during normal use. I can force it on by pushing alt+menu twice (once to bring it to 50% brightness and then again to turn the screen back to full and light up the keyboard), but I'm wondering if there's a setting I can have to have it just pop on by default anytime the phone is in use.

    It's really only an issue at night, but it's bothersome when I'm trying to hit a number or specific key and it's pitch black. Any ideas? Again, I'm new to Palm (used to have a Palm III and Palm Vx, but that was nearly a decade ago).

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    What happens when you press Option - Alt?
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    Sorry, I didn't mean alt+menu before, I meant Option+menu. When I push the alt key, it gives me a dialog box, "This key lets you enter accents and symbols not shown on the keyboard. Select Keyboard Help from the Edit menu for details."
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    You can pull up Centro Prefs/Power and play with the brightness bar. I doubt that would fix anything. Normal Centro operation is the brightness bar dims the screen and not the keyboard. Full screen dim turns the screen and keyboard backlite off.

    On my Centro, pressing Option + Menu turns the keyboard off and dims the screen. Pressing Option + Menu again returns the screen brightness back to where it was and turns the keyboard back on.

    I have KeyShades Hack installed to turn the keyboard backlite off without affecting the screen brightness. This is normal function on my Centro.

    I would suspect some add on software like a profile control application or another keyboard backlite progy is causing your problem.

    If nothing is installed that might cause the problem, try a Hard Reset and see if that returns your Centro back to normality.

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    Nevermind, I had a big'ol brain fart there. I simply took the battery out and re-inserted (soft reset) and it seems to have fixed the issue. Strange though. Thanks for the help anyways
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    is there a way to make the keyboard even brighter?

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