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    I took it jogging and tried to put a lanyard on it before I went but I couldn't get it to thread through. Anyone going to use one? Any particular kind recommended? I'd like one that's quick to remove and replace.
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    YES! I'm so excited about the lanyard thing. I went out and bought a cheap neck strap, and some loops and things to make my own neck lanyards and wrist loops.

    Here's a picture of one of mine. Is this the kind of attachment you're talking about?

    The first one was a total pain to put on. Now I'm getting better at it. The GOOD thing is, once it's on for a little while, it kind of takes on the looped shape and it's much easier to put back on again after you take it off.

    There are some that I've looked at that have two parts, and you can clip and unclip the phone loop part from the neck part, so you don't have to take the tricky loop part off and on all of the time, if that makes any sense. But some are really flimsy and I wouldn't trust my Centro to it! Going to try to make a good strong one soon. I've been looking at some general mp3/phone type pouches with lanyards, too. Let us know what you end up using!
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    tried it but the only one I had hung down to far. may try it again if i come across a shorter one.
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    You can put the Wii strap on. It works great on my digital camera too.
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    good idea frenzytom, the wii strap is nice cuz of that cincher thing to snug it to you wrist
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    cool! they finally added a little hole for a lanyard? that's awesome. either I'm going to buy a lanyard or a charm. I usually put those on my phones but when I got the treo 700 & 755 I was disappointed that there was no way to put one on.
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    hmm.. Yeah.. I could use one of those Rivet clips with it now. Has a lanyard with a small pin that hooks into things.
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    Already have my cute lil Coach lanyard on it.

    I'm a Pre gal now
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    I'm planning on getting a Coach lanyard for it too!
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    OK, Coach addict here, where did you find your lanyards?

    Update: did a lil googling,

    Ladies, let's go shopping:

    (I'm more partial to useful necklack lanyards, and the pickings in Coach are pretty thin.)
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    Since this looks like it has turned into the offical girl thread, I should chime in... I didn't even NOTICE a place to put a lanyard or a charm. I'm not big on 'wearing' my phone, but a little charm might be cute. Of course, pink and sparkly like GeekyMom's dress. lol..
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    I tried to put the wrist strap from my digi camera onto the bar but it was way to big.

    I just want something like a wrist strap that will fit around the bar so it won't drop to the floor if I drop it

    target didn't have any straps, only charms. anyone have a source?
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    Quote Originally Posted by z50king View Post
    target didn't have any straps, only charms. anyone have a source?

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