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    Hi, does anyone know why my treo 650 doesn't have a SIM tray?
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    I'm no 650 expert but the 650 came in CDMA and GSM flavors and the CDMA flavor won't have a SIM tray. What carrier is your 650 intended for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by xpcr1 View Post
    Hi, does anyone know why my treo 650 doesn't have a SIM tray?

    Hi, xpcr1. gksmithlcw is right. the CDMA do not have the SIM tray. If your Treo is GSM, then you've - or the previous owner, if there is - lost it.

    Suggestion: Always try to give as much information as you can on your posts. Is your Treo brand new? Refurbished? Was there a previous owner?

    Also, you may want to use the signature feature on this forum to describe in few words your equipment (e.g.: Treo 650 - GSM - ROM 1.2 - etc), so those who want to analyze your problem won't need to post a reply only to acquire this information.
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