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    I have a motorola H700. It will pair with the Treo 755P fine but will never connect. It always has the bluetooth icon on my treo it never goes to the headset icon at all.

    Anyone have a way to fix this?
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    Sorry if this is insulting, but:

    What happens if you push the "answer call" button on the headset when no calls are incoming/outgoing? Does the bluetooth icon in the phone app change? There's the generic "blue back/white inner" icon indicating bluetooth is on. Then there's the "blue outline, white inside, blue 'b' icon" indicating that something is connected/connecting (I usually see this momentarily when the headset connects) and then there is the headset icon afterward....

    (I just remembered the icons might be different because I am using the 700p overlay, but I don't think it effects bluetooth icons...)
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    Same problem and no luck getting it to connect. I have not tried hitting the answer call button but it does not behave the same as with the 700P that my 755P replaced.

    I also have a Jabra headset that works but is flakey.
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    I suppose you guys might want to try fiddling with the (I think) new settings present in the "Prefs > Communication > Hands-Free" area, maybe something is incompatible?

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