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    I have a Treo 650 running the standard version of Documents To Go which came with the original install - Ver 7.001 (815). I typically sync MS Word documents to my SD card and then read on my treo.

    Last week I switched from a 128MB card to a new 2GB card. When I launch DocsToGo, it searches but doesn't find any of my Word documents. This is true for old Word docs I copied from the old card and for new Word docs I have synched directly to the new card.

    The Treo can see the SD card -- both through the default app launcher and via FileZ. Other apps can also see files on the SD card (e.g. eReader and Plucker). Using FileZ, I can also see that the Word documents are in the same path location as they were on the old card.

    Also, when DocsToGo searches for documents, it takes much longer even though the number of files on the new card is about the same.

    Has anybody encountered something similar? Any tricks to get DocsToGo to wake up and see what's in front of it?
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    Have a look at Docs to Go Desktop and see what SD cards are listed on it.
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    Interesting idea... I didn't have the Docs To Go desktop previously installed. I've now installed it and done all the requisite sync and reset actions.

    The Desktop app shows my new card in its list.

    But, alas, still no documents show up in either the desktop nor handheld apps.
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    Add your docs to DTG desktop (assuming they're on your pc, or you can get them on your pc), then hotsync.
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    I've resolved the problem. Here's what I did...

    I put the SD card into a card reader and on my PC, I renamed:
    • /Documents --> /Documents-old
    • /PALM/Programs/DXTG --> /DXTG-old (moved it completely out of /PALM)

    I then re-sync'd and everything was there in DocToGo.

    Since the DXTG directory had a file called CardIdentifier, I imagine that the second file move/rename had more impact.

    Thanks for all advice.

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