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    so I've checked out their site and everything, and i'm new to the smartphone scene although ilve been tracking the treo since the 650 (finally able to purchace the new treo, oops I mean centro, cuz of the great price) and I was curious of eveyone's thoughts about blazer vs. opera. also if there's any others out there? I read some earlier posts about opera not working well on the centro so I was just lookin' for some feedback

    thanks yall
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    Blazer is much much more stable.
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    can download podcast
    many website only deliver wap version to blazer

    opera mini
    4.0 has full page display, sort of like mobilesafari on iPhone or piscel on palm.

    need to adjust JVM settings, and still not stable.
    can't download nothing
    always go through a proxy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cardfan View Post
    Blazer is much much more stable.
    Are you sure that its Opera Mini that is unstable, or the JVMs available for Palm ?

    Opera Mini works great (and is stable) on many other phone platforms (including WM), and its the same code (literally).

    "always go through a proxy" is considered to be a "pro" under many/most environments for which OM is designed (i.e. consumer-grade handsets with small screens, memory capacity, CPU, etc.). OM is very speedy on those platforms compared with native, non-proxied browsers, precisely because it *is* proxied.

    I think what y'all mean is that OM may not be the best fit for the Treo platform since it has different underlying design goals...

    And unfortunately there is no Opera Mobile for Palm... that is a good native browser, much better than PIE for WM...
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    well, for me, proxy is indeed not bad, but I remember sometime opera mini's server crashed, it was a mess.

    OM 3.1 is pretty stable, indeed, but 4.0 beta is not. Even with stable 3.1, it locked up my centro several times last week.

    I actually find another pro of opera mini, it saves bandwidth, OM always re-package the webpage before sending to you, so you spend less data..
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    hey everyone, thanks for the input, I appreciate it very much. sound like i'd be best stickin' with blazer for the time being.
    again, thanks all

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