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    I saw my first Centro at a friendís house yesterday and we were comparing it to my 3 yr old 650. I had 1 Bar of signal strength and could cruise the Web. My friend had Zero Bars and he could not cruise the Web.

    Anyone else seen any comparisons?
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    Thats funny my wifes centro always has 2 more bars than my 700p or my sons 650. In fact the centro is the only phone that will work in the basement of my house.
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    most folks have been saying their Centro has better reception than previous models... including me.
    My Palm phones: i500 --> i550 --> 650 --> 700p --> Centro
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFrank View Post
    I saw my first Centro at a friend’s house yesterday and we were comparing it to my 3 yr old 650. I had 1 Bar of signal strength and could cruise the Web. My friend had Zero Bars and he could not cruise the Web.

    Anyone else seen any comparisons?
    Are you on Sprint?
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    My Centro is gets amazingly better reception than 700p or, truly, anybody else's cell phone at work. We have a room right in the middle of the basement where no one has ever been able to make a call. Even though I had no bars, the calls are crystal clear with the Centro. (No data however.)
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    Well, I can't compare signal strength to a 650, because my Centro replaced my 650. But I can compare it to my 700p with an antenna sticking up out of it.

    My Centro with no antenna sticking up has better signal reception and one or 2 extra bars than my 700p. My 700p has dropped out a few times where my Centro did not drop out.

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    Mine has much better reception than my 650 did.
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    Centro has better reception then 600, 650, and 700.
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    I have Sprint. I ordered 2 Centro's today to replace our 2 - 650's as we have been getting a ton of dropped calls. Your feedback helped make the decision and we have 30 days to test.

    It seems like the dropped calls started with the intro of EVDO. Anyone else sense this?

    A couple of friends have dropped Sprint for ATT because of dropped calls.

    Will post some feeback in a week so others can have some confidence in the Centro.
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    Guess I've been gone for so long my old account here has been deleted.

    You are not alone in that Centro reception seems to be far worse then the 650.

    I got my Centro this afternoon and I can't even talk to the Sprint automated system. Either I get disconnected or it can't understand when I say "activate."

    Twice it's sent me through to a person when it couldn't understand me, and THEY couldn't understand me when they asked for my mobile number.

    On my 650, I get 1 bar at home and it's enough for web access and I can make calls if I bend the right way.

    The centro shows 1 bar but can't hardly hold a call and reception is HORRIBLE.

    Wish those airave's would hurry up.
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    I never had a 650 but my centro gets way better reception than my old samsung sph-740. so i'd say i'm happy with my reception.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFrank View Post
    It seems like the dropped calls started with the intro of EVDO. Anyone else sense this?
    If you mean generically, then yes, in my area we finally got EVDO about 6 months ago -- part of why I'm looking for a new device. While I can't be sure of an exact correlation, right in the middle of EVDO coming up here, one day my reception in certain particular spots (that were VERY important to me) all of a sudden got dramatically worse. And in places where I never had dropped calls before, I got dropped 100% of the time.

    There were also new and strange anomalies, like along one road, the signal would gradually diminish and drop to 0 bars and then within the distance of maybe 50 feet it would jump up to 4 bars. It was a wide open road -- no obstructions close by at all -- and the closest Sprint tower was perhaps 200 yards away! From what little I know, I figured it was some sort of tower handoff problem that arose when they added EVDO.

    It was so ridiculous I called Sprint and was almost ready to cancel my service. I expected the past experience of being bounced from CS to CS, center to center, eventually filing a "report" and never hearing about it again with zero action taken. But I was astonished! Not only did I get a response from my report -- within 2 days! But they actually came out to fix it and my coverage came back in less than a week! And furthermore, I told them in the same report about another huge deadzone that had always been there for years and by the end of that same week that deadzone went from 0 to 4 bars. I was totally amazed by this action and felt, well, maybe there is hope for Sprint yet...

    So, yeah, I do believe coverage issues have been caused by turning on EVDO, whether based on technical issues or just by "accident/mistakes". Probably the most effective way of reporting these problems was by email to ecare. I sent them maps of the area based on the Sprint coverage maps, pinpointing exact problem sites. It seemed to work well...
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    Centro seems to have more signal strength bars than 650. I assume 5 or 6 vs 4.

    Anyone know exact count?

    With this in mind, my signal at home has been running 2 or 3 bars vs 0, 1 or 2 on T650. So far, no drpped calls, but many phone calls either.
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    it looks like five bars is the total. I get good reception at my house, and the most i've seen is five so far, although it seems like one more bar could fit next to it. but i'm pretty sure it's only five

    *EDIT* I just saw # 6 pop up.... unless i'm just halucinating
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    Ironically, I just switched from Att to Sprint. Att on any phone here was bad in the past several months. My apartment had little or no reception.

    With Sprint I have 4-5 bars and EVDO. Att told me for two years they were getting 3g. But it was always "in six months". So, with the Centro, broadband, and reception I switched after seven years.

    So, its different with every city and even in different parts of a city. All carriers have lovers and haters. -Seems more like location location location.

    Att CS seems about like Sprint. Go with 30 day trials and see what works best.
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    EV-DO phone seems erratic sometimes. Sometimes I see zero or one bar in some area, but when I make or receive a call, the bar suddenly changes to 3 or 4 bars. I suspect I get more bars since when phone is used, the data mode is switched to 1xRTT which generally has better coverage? Then, by turning off EV-DO, we may get better reception. But thinking about it, if phone call is still coming in while 0 or 1 bar with EV-DO, should we need to really care? The number of bars is just information, and as long as calls come through and we can talk, it doesn't mean anything.
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    ...have to chime in with the Centro being much stronger and clearer in all areas related to signal... definite improvement over the 755....

    SprintPCS Centro
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    Ya I had two 700p's. At home I would have 3-4 bars yet if I held my 700 to my face it would drop out. Hold it an inch away and it would most of the time hold a call but still drop after a few minutes.

    Now with my new Centro I can talk over an hour and never miss a beat even close myself in an inside bathroom no problem. I think being the antenna is on the back it keeps a more open area to reception. With the 700p the nub would get barried in your ear/face/neck/etc and hurt performance.

    Also I have to say this Centro is waaaaay faster and refined then the 700 was. As it should. But palm did a good job! Just wish my wife would get a black one instead of holding out for red, who knows when those will be cheap on ebay, and her 700p is worthless at home.
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    You can't really compare the number of bars of one phone model with another. There's no cell phone industry standard that says X number of bars equals Y dbm of signal strength. The -performance- of the respective phones is what matters (i.e., does one have dropped calls and the other doesn't in a given location, etc.).
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    0uy a Black and you have 30 days to return and exchange. I got the OK to do this ahead of time.

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