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    I've very recently purchased a 680 after years of using a 600 - and loving it. I'm now considering adding GPS capability to it.

    The Garmin Mobile 10 looks to me like a good product at a very reasonable price (compared to a standalone GPS unit). I did some searching and found a few posts related to it back in the summer...looks like it works although there seemed to be a few minor software glitches at the time. I'm assuming by now things have settled down on that front.

    Bottom line, for someone like me coming into this as a GPS newbie, is this the way to go? I expect that my GPS needs will be pretty basic, so I'm not inclined to spend big bucks on a dedicated device. Besides using it in the car, I want to be able to use it on my motorcycle, and the flexibility of putting the receiver in a tank bag appeals to me as well.

    Assuming that I choose the Treo-based approach, is this Garmin product a good choice at this time? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Read the last couple of pages of this thread for the latest Garmin MobileXT software views:

    I'm now very happy with the latest version of the software, Ver. 4.10.10p as of Sep 19, 2007.

    I use it on my 680 while I'm in the car and on my 650 while on my motorbike.
    My 650 has a cut down ROM, so that helps with available memory.

    The 650 is my old machine which I don't use any more, so I removed all 3rd party software, which helps.
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I've been using the Mobile 10 for about three weeks now. Use it every time I drive just to test it. It's exceeded my expectations!

    The software is very very easy to use, big buttons, clear & precise. I've been very surprised how well it works, even in the background. The audible directions are accurate, even when doing something else or the phone is off, it's still connected and comes alive when it's time for a direction change, etc.

    Only two things thus far that drive me nuts! 1) the friggin blinking blue LED is way too bright at night!! It drives me crazy. I've put a piece of black electrical tape over it and a pin hole so I know when I'm connected. 2) if you have audible directions you'll still hear it over the speaker while on a call (and the callers, too)!

    Other than that, zero issues!! Love it, and for the price, can't beat it!
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    3rd the above opinions. It's working great for me. Even my wife, who mistrusts GPS devices in general, wants me to use it when we go somewhere unfamiliar. I use it at every opportunity, even when I sort of know where I'm headed, just for the fun of it (my full sized Garmin 376c is no longer a novelty, and thus not as much fun).
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    I've used Tom Tom with a 3rd party bluetooth GPS, but their map database (Teleatlas) didn't cut it for me. It was missing too much information. So I looked for Navteq alternatives and tried the Garmin GPS 10. The treo 650 wouldn't stop crashing with the previous version of the software. I called their technical support and they were all very helpful but it just wouldn't work. When the 10x came out I upgraded (now using a 700p) and I've been following their software as they work on it. At this point the software is stable and the GPS unit connects to the Treo without much effort. I'm very happy with the Garmin Mobile 10x.


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