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    Anyone having issues with their Centro resetting at will at any given time??

    I bought two of them, one for the wife and one for me, and I am having problems with mine resetting on its own. Usually happens while I have the charger plugged in and am doing something on it (checking email, IM'ing, etc). However, yesterday, while sending a text to the wife, it reset on its own while unplugged from charger. After it reset I tried texting again and it reset again. This time I noticed it started its reset right at the same time as I was typing a particular word (king). After it reset the second time, i tested a text with just the word king and it reset again just as i was typing the letter "g". After the third reset it finally worked and hasn't given me that problem sine, but still resets randomly when plugged into the charger.

    Should I bring it back and get a new one?
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    try typing "queen" instead

    ...seriously, what apps are installed? Resets tend to be 3rd party software related.
    ...if its totally stock in terms of installed apps then I would exchange it.
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    Did you upgrade from another Treo and not do a clean install? Thats what it sounds like.
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    fkjr2: No apps are installed. It's a 5 day old phone and was doing this since day one.

    rc46: This is my first Palm device. I upgraded from a Motorola Q so I'm sure it's not anything you described.

    I'll go to a local Sprint store and see what they say.


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