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    Got a 700p replaced by a 755p because of multiple problems... blah blah

    I get my new 755p and underneath one of the cardboard flaps i find...


    SWEET, i got two batteries in my box.

    Weird: the label is plain and says "1620 mah" vs. the 1600 of the regular battery....
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    sounds like a return unit that someone had already bought an extra battery for... just my guess
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    it came in a sealed box, and EVERYTHING was in the plastic.

    whenever i got a refurb before, it came alone with no box or accessories at all.

    Also: Google search for "1620 mah 755p" currently brings up THIS post as the most relevant page.
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    Sounds like you got lucky, maybe someone in the packaging plant felt like giving someone a nice surprise.

    After living through more than my share of Treo failures over the years, I can attest that Sprint has never willingly or knowingly done this for any of ours. It would be nice for Palm/Sprint to package a spare by default so that the 755 would have enough power to make it through an entire day (without needing tethering to "top up").

    If they've already upped the battery capacity to 1620mAh then perhaps Palm is at least acknowledging the capacity problem (in their typically underwhelming way...).
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    In the phone app type in the " # # 7 8 6 #" and see if it says the phone is a refurb. If not, congrats!
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    "Reconditioned Status: No"

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    You do know, once they find the error you will be billed full retail for the battery ~ $200 USD.......LOL

    Enjoy the 755p mine has held up fine and the 1600 OEM battery works fine and lasts all day, for me. Better then the 700p ever did.

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