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    I'm trying to download docs-to-go from the mypalm website, but it asks for my serial number, and when I enter my serial, mypalm thinks its a bad number. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Just to eliminate the obvious:

    Are you typing the capital letters as capitals?

    Do you have O (capital O) vs. 0 (zero situation)?

    You are typing in the S/N number and not one of the ESNs? (Sorry, had to ask.)
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    I had that happen to me as well....after I had downloaded Docs To Go 8 (That is unfortunately what they had posted for the Mac..until like 3 days ago).... I kept trying and it finally worked when I tried to get docs to go 10. I might have cleared out my cookies as well.

    Sorry I don't have an exact solution....
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    Sorry to post this, but maybe it will help someone else. The serial number mypalm is asking for is not the serial number on your box or on your receipt. Here is the totally different SN mypalm is looking for:

    1) Press the Phone button to open the Phone app.
    2) Press the Menu button, in the lower-right corner of the keyboard.
    3) Select Options, and then select Phone Info.
    4) The entry labeled HS SN shows your device’s serial number.
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    The S/N on my 755p is not on my box, but under the battery.

    Is the S/N under the Centro battery the same as the one displayed by the path you followed? It is on my 755p.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Did not work for me until today. Maybe the database of "good" SN's is slow to update. Try again in a day or two...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Is the S/N under the Centro battery the same as the one displayed by the path you followed?
    YES - "S/N" under the Centro battery is the same as the "HS SN" under Phone Info. I needed to scroll to the next screen to see HS SN.
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