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    Hi, I am a long time user of 680, ready to upgrade to Centro, I have my life in 680, (all my calender events, family/friends/bosses birthday, phone numbers, contacts, memo) you name it, I got it. I must say 680 runs my life.

    • Anyone has experienced issues/problems of migrating data from 680 to Centro?
    • Does Centro has the same problem of "clock running slow"? - 650/680 has had the problem with clocking running slow on random basis
    • Any issue with Bluetooth earphone?

    Any advise for me?

    Thank you all in advance...
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    I made the same move. No issues moving data, but different ways to do it, I posted another thread on this. I think the easiest way would be just to attempt to hotsync the new device. The device should be seen as new and will prompt to restore. Backup ALL data no matter what you choose to do though.
    I never saw my clock run slow on 680, and so far it seems fine on Centro.
    I set up bluetooth with a plantronics headset and it works fine.

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