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    Can you record a call on your Treo? I get referrals (customers) called into me all the time and I have to write down the info sometimes no matter where I am....wish there was a way I could just hit record and record what they are saying and replay it back after they hang up.

    Can this be done? Extra software?

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    Treo phone call and voice memo recorder:

    "CallRec is the premier voice recording application for the Treo smartphones. This simple-to-use application allows you to record your telephone conversation and voice memos with ease by simply pressing the Treo side key. Or, you can set option to automatically record all your phone calls.
    CallRec store files directly to the memory card and recording duration is limited only by free space on the card.
    With adjustable recording sample rate you can make optimal balance between sound quality and file size. Once activated, the program allows you to commence recording before or during any incoming or outgoing call with a single click. Furthermore, you can configure CallRec to automatically record all your incoming and/or outgoing calls. Share your recording and send your files by IR, Bluetooth or e-mail"
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    I use and am very happy with mVoice by MotionApps. It has at least all the functions of CallRec, and also doubles as a card reader.
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