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    hi guys!

    is there any program for 755p that will allow me to access my desktop's files thru the internet? lets say i have a music or video file on my desktop, how can i play those on my Treo thru the phone's network connection? how can i stream them to my phone?

    Been thinking about this because i find myself running out of space on my card to play all the content that i want

    oh and i do have a Mac Mini so i am looking for a program for macs if you know of any...

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    HTC Touch Pro
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    thanks for the link my friend. any backgrounder on how this works? will i need to use blazer for this one? thanks.
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    Yes you will need to use blazer. I don't know if it will work with Opera mini (everytime I use opera mini it freezes up my treo so.... I deleted it.) it depends on what settings you have set on your computer and on from your handheld as to what type of stream you set. Orb works great. sling box is also kinda the same but it only works with streaming live cable tv from your house or job.
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    In case some have not noticed, orb does not stream from a Mac. That made me go the Slingbox route.

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