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    Okay.. I've had one-too-many Shiner Bocks over this Memorial Day weekend (plus a few more watered down Buds at the ballpark) and it's causing extreme Brain Lockups at this moment...

    ...I'm currently test-driving ATool! and in the process of testing the battery days tracking feature. I'm presuming that when I change the batteries, I have to also click on the "New" button on the Main page to update the "Install Date".

    Is this correct? The online help and the author's web page is a little sparse in the actual directions but the one statement that says "Also, a record of the date of the last battery change" on his ATool! page leads me to believe that's what one is suppose to do.

    When I do this, my previous battery days column information is moved over to the right... in this case, from Battery 1 to Battery 2. Currently, the Battery 2 column shows my last set at 28 days (which is correct) and the Battery 1 column is at 0 (as well as columns 3 through 5). I'm presuming that tomorrow, I'll see Battery Column 1 updated.
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    You've got it all figured out...
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    Ahh... much thanks!

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