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    Ordered mine on the 29th of last month, no reply (money instantly charged via CC) save an auto email saying it takes 10 days to complete -- 2 weeks later I emailed asking what the status is and was told "it was about to be shipped" and should expect to get an email. That was of course a week ago and I've not even received the email for shipment. I've read on Hofo that Vaja is notoriously slow but wow, didn't expect them to need to raise the animal before they start.

    Has anyone here had similar (or differing) cases with them?
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    From the Vaja web site:

    8. Why is there delay in the handicraft process?
    Each customized product is specially handicrafted for the customer who requires it. All of our products are handmade by a group of craftsmen specially selected for this purpose. There are many stages involved in the customization process: leather selection and special arrangement according to the model and features selected, case molding and assembling, finishing, quality and functionality testing. Attention to even the smallest details is always present in each of these steps. This special handmade work is reflected in the time frame set for custom cases. This frame may vary according to demand.

    Personally, I think they are worth the wait. For me that has been about a month's worth of waiting.

    Hope you enjoy yours when it arrives.


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