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    i'm having issues with a 650 (Sprint)...

    when making or receiving calls, there's no sound from the ear speaker, and the microphone does not work. On the screen, the usual "Speakerphone" option is no longer there either.

    every other function pda-wise works fine.

    I can see who calls and even pick up the call but from there the phone becomes useless...

    is this a known issue?
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    after some searching - seems to be a headphone jack hardware issue. The phone is behaving as if there was a headphone plugged in.

    did some searching and found a workaround by installing an app like VolumeCare that has the ability to bypass / disable the headphone jack.

    worked for the most part. still no speakerphone option on inbound call.
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    I don't think that your problem can be solved only by software. You have a hardware issue (as you just said).

    Take a look at the information on this web site. I think that's a good solution.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think the best use of your time would be to take it back and get a new one. I don't recommend using the headphone jack for anything. The 650 is a great device but the headphone jack is crap.


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