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    Hi All,
    I lost my palm treo 650, so i got a new 680.. but my tom tom is not working om this one.. it says the device is incompatible.. in addition to tht i threw away all the paper/ booklets it came with!!! i only have the DVD..i have big trip coming up on Wednesday.. and i easily get lost..i used to LOVE my 650 and the tom tom used to work very well !!! i miss it!!
    any response would be appreciated ..
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    Do you have TomTom 6? (I'll assume yes since you said you have the DVD, and if my memory is working they didn't start using DVD until version 6)

    The initial release of TomTom 6 was incompatible with the 680, but it was patched soon after. With TomTom Home installed from the DVD, you should be able to "check for updates" and have it install the latest TomTom program file, which will allow it to run on the 680.
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    Thank u so much for ur reply.. i do have 6.X version..i will check for the patch and the updates...


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