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    After reading the 755p board i realized that others had received a better deal than i got when i recently bought my 755p. I called retentions back and very nicely told them that i felt like I was taken advantage of because I wasn't a hardass. the representative couldn't undo the deal but gave me a $50 service credit, which more than made up the difference and a 10% discount on my bill for 2 years.

    PS- I didn't pay the activation fee or any freight for overnight shipping. If you did call them back and request an adjustment.
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    Today I dropped my Centro on the train. The floor is some kind of sheet metal, pretty smooth. The Centro is fine, not even a scratch. The drop was not very high, just 2 to 3 feet. I am happy, because at least Centro's smooth surface looks like more scratch resistant than my old 650.
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