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    I got a single one of these in silver to put on the back of the centro. It's the same width as the silver area where the speaker/camera lense. It's just enough to do the job when I place the phone down to protect the back surface a bit and keep it from sliding around. Also makes taking the battery cover on and off real easy.
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    Those are way cute, I like the argyle looking one.
    Do they fit on the back between the Sprint logo and the Access powered logo?
    SprintPCS Centro
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    not quite. Its under the sprint logo but over the access logo.
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    You could also get the universal cell phone one that has a large piece that's 1.7" x 1.08" which should fit between the symbols fine. Then it has thinner strips you can put on the sides as well.
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    I got the "All Purpose" set. The 1.6" by 1.080" sticker just fits between the two logos on the battery cover, leading me to think that the 1.7" sticker in the Universal Cell Phone sheet would be too big. I find that I need the .25" wide strips on the sides of the battery compartment as well.

    Also, with a little trimming, you can squeeze out 3 full Centro sets from the All Purpose sheet.

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