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    Ok so I'm the first to complain about the short battery life that I read about and will be buying an extra battery when it's available (and extended as long as it doesn't fatten up my phone) - but I don't think it's my imagination that my charge went down today pretty quickly (because of the novelty) and I charged it for 20 minutes almost all the way back up! It's been holding nicely too, so I don't think it was just an illusion.. If the battery life isn't so good, but it has some kind of "quick charge" ability, I'll take it!

    Just an observation.
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    it does seem to charge pretty quickly from the wall charger. not as quick from the sync cable. but I figured that much. they say lithium ion batteries do better if you charge them before they're completely dead. so my guess would be to just plug it in if you're by a charger if it needs a little boost.
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    Funny that you brought this up....

    On the way home from work, I plugged in the car charger since I had ran down the battery pretty low using Slingplayer. Anyway, I went to unplug it about half way home (20 minutes) to make a call and was very surprised that it was more than half way charged!!! I guess it wasn't my imagination!
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    well thats cool!
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    No real surprise here - the smaller the battery, the faster it both drains and charges...
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    You might be interested in a program called BattLogger to keep track of how much your battery is being used. I downloaded the trial today from palmgear and it works well on the centro.
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    Found a hitch with BattLogger and the company that makes it is working on it to get it fixed. The symptom is that once activated and a soft reset occurs the microSD card (at least on my Centro) is not able to be recognized. To remedy the situation all you have to do is deactivate BattLogger and soft reset again. I just wanted to post this since I recommended it and I will post again once they fix it (hopefully).

    The program does work well though with this exception...
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    Hi peridoc,

    It's a common fault among the Treo product line. It can be solved by using CardKeeper (download here:

    It was just unfortunate for BattLogger to be caught in the line of fire. But it's not actually the culprit. Your case is the same as this thread:

    Thanks for the feedback by the way.
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    This is correct and when using CardKeeper I have had no more issues with the microSD card. BattLogger is a great program and I suggest it to anyone who wants to track how well their battery is performing!

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