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    Yes, but you need to download the update for the 680 here:
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    For what it's worth, I loaded up Tom Tom 6 on my Centro (transferred from Treo 700p I just retired) and it seems to work fine...did not need to install the Treo 680/750 patch. YMMV...
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    Hmm. TT6 wouldn't work on my Centro when I did a clean install, which is why I searched out the update.
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    I needed the update as well after a clean install. I was getting the message that TomTom wasn't compatible with my device.
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    I installed the maps and the application on my centro, but can't get it to run - it opens to the "I agree" screen, then after that goes to a white screen saying "no maps found". From there my only option is to cancel and it exits. Any idea what I should do? I just called TomTom; the person I spoke to said TomTom doesn't work on the centro and I'm out of luck (I doubt that is true?).
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    Clean install and 680 patch working fine here.
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