(I've also posted this in one of the stickys, sorry for the repetition)

I realize this is long, but lots of stuff has happened. Please make comments/suggestions if you have any.

First, to comment on something Roleary said about a month ago:

> The texting to other Verizon users causing a freeze... problem GONE!! I just > tested it twice and the phone didn't freeze at all. Actually, the little green
> check marks are gone altogether, which doesn't bother me one bit. Finally a
> fix to this problem!!

True in both cases - but please read my comments below about false non-receipts.

The main problem with going from 1.06 to the 2nd 1.10? My phone is just one big pause. For example. typing a text now takes about 3 different sessions, as I get a few words in, it sits stationary for about 10 seconds, a few more words, another 10 second delay. then I get to finish. Not cool. I have what is supposed to be a very modern piece of equipment, and it might as well have a crank on it. And after you hang up a phone call? Forget doing anything for about 45 seconds. Put the phone in your pocket and make a sandwich or something. This is now the worst phone I've ever owned, and I've had a cell phone since 1994.

(here is some additional information, some of which could be pertinent):

The update went very straight, I obeyed it to the letter using Vista and loading the update on an SD card (and backed up the existing data on SD card, desktop, and laptop prior to updating).

Once the update was complete, tried to restore with card (BackupBuddy): several "file corrupt" messages (and they were critical, like datebook, etc), so I bagged that idea (and come to think of it, this happened with my 650 a lot also, causing me to manually restore much data by cutting and pasting in the Palm Desktop).

I then performed a restoration through the desktop, and it reinstalled the applications and files in nearly alphabetical order; it then seemed to start reinstalling from the beginning again, and it would occasionally go and install an application out of order (and one that I had already seen it installed, like Phone & PocketTunes), and about 2/3 of the way through the 2nd time, the phone restarted. Various problems existed, such as no contacts, duplicate calendar entries, different font type from the one I had selected, etc.

Performed a hard reset, this time it still did a 2nd go-through exactly the same as the first, and went to things more than once and out of order, but it completed. There were errors, saying that the following files already existed (I figured they were parts of the new OS):


At the bottom of the log it read: "Restore synchronization failed" (I guess because of the files that already existed). Quick examination of the 700p afterward sees that it generally lookslike what it did before, but performs even worse than before.


The messages that the files already existed: are those to be expected?

I'm not getting the green confirmation checkmarks that I got before (as mentioned above, even though I have that checked in the Preferences. The real weirdness is that the only time I get any receipt notification is when I send a message to multiple recipients. It is a failure (red "X", but in fact the messages are going through, I've confirmed this). And I'm getting the "X" even when the recipient is NOT a Verizon customer.

Thanks for your help -