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    I should have realized this, but when I called Sprint about my Mogul, and complained about my bill being messed up, they told me they would send me a Ceentro for the 99.99 price and I could sell my Mogul. They promised to fix my bill that day (around 4 hours)

    I have been in contract about two months.
    I did not like the Mogul as a phone and decided to take the offer. I sold the Mogul for 300.00.

    When my service got disconnected due to billing issues, I called again and was told I should not have sold my Mogul and they are charging me full price for not returning it. I sent them the 300.00 I got for the Mogul.

    Moral: Don't listen to anyone at Sprint without getting it in writing.

    Just had to vent.

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    sprint reps are very uninformed.
    i asked if power vision ultimate includes tv premier. one said no, the other said yes, its very confusing.

    i find its better to read the website rather than talking to them, or talk to the machine reps on their website.

    next time, Im sure i will use speaker phone and record everything.
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    its just like every other service industry job that requires a bit of knowledge these days, you will get very few up to par people and the rest are just there working for a paycheck.

    i found that i just do my own research with sprint, pick my plan and stay away from CS and realize i am in it for the long haul with that crap 2yr agreement. the phones and service are great in my area, but they suck as an organization for helping out their customers.
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    You bought a Mogul, had it for 2 months, decided you didn't like it, and you sold it when Sprint offered to exchange it past the 30 day window for a Centro?

    If Sprint offered to exchange it for another phone, why did you sell it?

    Am I missing something here?

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    At least it was long.
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Edge (Upgraded for $100.00 just by giving them the Serial # of my Visor Deluxe plus I got to keep the Deluxe. Those were the days!)-> Palm M-505->M-515->Tungsten T->Zire 72->Treo 650->->Treo 700P->Treo 755P. Plus various replacements. 8130 Pearl....Sorry
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    Because the Sprint rep told me not to return it.
    I asked if I could sell it and was told no problem.

    3 days later, my account was inactive and when I called I was told the Mogul must be returned or I will have to pay retail of about 550.00

    I sent Sprint 300.00 yesterday to get my account active. I also sent an email to the person I sold the Mogul. They were very understanding and offered to refuse the shipment if I would refund the 300.00.

    Now I am out 600.00 until Sprint gets the Mogul back.

    This would not have happened if I did not take the advise of the rep.


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    Why would you do that? I have always known that if you get a phone at discount, and then decide you don't want it or something, you have to return it. Did you honestly think they'd subsidize the Mogul AND the Centro, all within a few months??

    Sprint's a pretty good company, but c'mon.

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