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    I am suddenly getting errors with two different mini SD cards in my 755p. The error is "Unrecognized card." "The handheld cannot recognize this card."

    One of the cards is the Kingston 4GB and the other is a generic 4GB card that I bought at the Spring store. The error pops up as soon as I insert the card, and I can't even format it on the Treo. Both cards work fine on my PC.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on? If it was just one card, I would think the card may be bad, but with two of them doing the same thing, it seems that the problem may be the Treo.

    Also, I have Cradle Care, which has an SD card feature. Activating that doesn't make a difference.

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    Hi Sparky76,

    I had trouble with a couple of 4GB miniSD cards. I took them back and have been using 2GB miniSD cards without a hitch since.

    Not sure if the 4GB cards were the trouble, or if the Treo 755 was cranky about them. However, many people are using the 4GBs without problems.

    Sometimes, if you format a new card with the Treo -- they play nice together.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I have had 3 4 gig cards fail using the 755p. Once after 2 weeks, one after 2 days, one within 10 mins. I too have switched to a 2gig card. It works well, but once in a while the Treo stops "seeing" it and I have to reboot.
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    I think I am back in business. I did a warm reset and it found the card again. I also set up Cradle Care to "Attempt Card Re-Mount" AND "Soft Reset to Recover Card." So far, my 4GB card is there and functioning.
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    I get similar messages once in a while - never has been the card - always related to some trouble with the Treo slot. I eject the card then load it back in and it's recognized.

    Has happened with every Treo since the 600 through the 755, no clue why but haven't had to return a card for it.
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