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    I have a 700p and was wondering if anyone knows where to get music videos to play on the palm OS? Itunes will not work and I do not know of other services where you can legally (purchasing if necessary) get videos. Alternatively is there a way to get Itune videos to work?

    Does anyone have any thoughts?

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    First off I suggest getting TCPMP.
    Its a free media player for your treo and it works great!!!

    Next I'm not sure about the format that the iTunes videos are in, so I'm not sure what program you can use to convert it.

    I use TempGNC to convert wmv and other formated files.

    But I use a program called Pocket Divx Encoder,
    (I know I'm old skool but this things works like a charm.)
    It will take your avi or mpg file and size it to the size of your device, 320x240, but just pick the palm icon, your file and let it rip.

    Last but not least, more and more sites are using Flash video files, I'm not sure what you can use to convert the fla format to something else or what you can use to view .fla files on a Treo.

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