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    I'm considering switching form the 700wx, which has been really buggy and a headache for me, to the Centro. I've never used the Palm OS but will if it will prove to be less of a headache than my current phone.

    I use Outlook Calendar and Contacts a lot with my 700wx and I am able to sync via bluetooth with my laptop to download my new appointments and contacts. Will I be able to do that with the Centro or will I have to sync via USB cable?

    What program do you use to sync the Centro to the computer? I doubt it uses Activesync.

    I'm leaning towards purchasing the Centro this weekend but would like to hear from people who have already purchased and used it. Any bugs, freezing, or any other things that I should consider?

    Thanks in advance for those who reply.
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    You should have any problem using BT syncing with Centro and Outlook.

    I used it daily on my 700p. But I did have to get Pocket Mirror for it to sync properly with Outlook.

    Perhaps they're made some improvements with the Centro and you won't need Pocket Mirror. Here's the link:

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