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    Hi. I have scoured the technical pages, forums and reviews, and I find no mention of how to get wifi on the 755P. Is it possible? Sorry of this has been posted before - I cannot find any previous threads. Thanks.
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    Stop looking. I mean it. There is a simple, absolute answer that will not change no matter how much you want it to and that answer is, "No."


    People have been complaining about this since before the 650. The consensus seems to be that Palm has never been able to get wifi on the PalmOS to play correctly and simultaneously with a cell radio. Blame it on the 12-year-old PalmOS.
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    Sigh. OK. Silly me. I saw a wifi card for the 700 then realized it was for the 700w. And, I saw an article from Brighthand that stated something to the effect: "Palm Commits to Adding Wi-Fi to Future Treos".Then I realized it was from a May 17, 2006 Washington Post article. (see below). Gee - way to go Palm.

    Palm Treo to Add Wi-Fi Capability

    Palm will add wireless Internet capabaility to future models of the Treo phone. The company had declined to add Wi-Fi because it drains battery life. Chief executive Edward T. Colligan would not say when the capability would be added. "We do believe Wi-Fi is an important technology," Colligan said. "There's no question that we'll ultimately put in our products, but at the right time."
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    I'm a palm os lover but if the rumored 800w is true I'm switching over, the big attraction on the 800w is the supposed WiFi that comes with it.

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    There was a "shoe" that you could put your 650 into to add wifi. I have no idea if it worked, all I remember is that it was freaking huge.

    ( - apparently it's been shrunk down since I first saw it)
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    I realize this is a bit off topic, but what's the advantage of wifi? If you have Sprint's PowerVision data plan for $15/mo, you can get about 500 kbps in areas with EDVO and you're not limited to wifi hot spots. And you don't have the power consumption of an extra radio.
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    I use my phone a lot in my home office which has wifi and I was thinking that it would be quicker and more reliable than Sprint's network. Guess I'll never know

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