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    We had to reset our server version of Good Mobile Messaging for Domino back from v5.x to v4.x. During this process, the phones were each notified to complete a reprovisioning. Some of the managers did not receive all of their calendar entries restored to Good. Is there a way to use DEBUG and FETCH or another command to retrieve more calendar entries? Or is there another work around? Help! Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, no, upon provisioning or reprovisioning, only the past week's worth of calendar entries and repeating appointments come over to the device.
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    That seems to be a failure in the application. We have many managers, etc. that enter multiple client meetings. These may be entered far in the future. They also like to have a history of past meetings. Why can you use a FETCH command to recover mail messages, but can not use this command or a similar command to recover meetings, etc.?
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    I agree in that GMM should pull the past events, but it never has. The future meetings should be there.
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    I had the same frustration but accepted the fact I had to re-accept/send the calendar events beyond the week. Now when I re-accept they show up on the Good Calendar on my Treo 650, but then a box pops up that says "Analyzing Schedule" for about 3 seconds and the appointments disappear again. Happens over and over on multiple days and multiple appointments. I have searched high and luck. Any ideas???

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