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    Will the new Palm Treo Centro be supported in the current or new Good Mobile Messaging? Is there a way to make it work by non-supported means? Thanks!
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    If you go in the Developer's Corner forum, there's a sub forum for Goodlink. A Good employee (Goodguy) is very responsive to questions.

    Good works on my 755, so I assume that it will probably work on the Centro.
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    Thanks for the response. I actually posted this question in both locations.
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    I had a problem with loading good (would hang using OTA). I monkeyed around with it and came up with the following solution:

    1) Download software from here (use the last button: Good Mobile Messaging from an SD Card)
    2) Unpack the zip file and copy two files on to the Centros (PalmOS/EN folder) GLPkgPalm.prc and OTASetup.prc I copied them on to the handheld using the (Palm install tool) as I did not have a card.
    3) Sync the Centro to copy the files on to the handheld.
    4) Run GLPkgPalm application on the Centro. This will unpack all the Goodlink applications. Somewhere along the line it will ask you for your PIN.

    The new version of goodlink is very cool. Looks great on the Centro. Even has an RSS reader - scrolling headlines on every screen if you want them.

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