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    Here is my issue, hopefully someone here has had a a similar problem and has figured it out.

    - Sound is not audible for realplayer, mp3, camcorder recording, or if I record my own tone. This applys to the speaker on the phone, and if I plug in a headphone.

    - Speakerphone works for calls, wired headset works for calls.

    - midi type tones like stock ringers, and alerts are audible through speaker.

    - mute (speaker on off) switch on top of phone next to antenna works fine.

    Using file manager I see that I do have the AmrDecLib file on the phone. I attempted to delete it and re-install it but the original version or it will not delete.

    I have done multiple hard resets, and reconfigured with new user and old user names.

    I am currently using z-launcher, kinoma and a couple games.

    I bought this phone literally the day the 650 was released, and it has been a great phone. I used the phone with no sound problems at all for more than two years, MP3s, music, etc.

    I am stumped, please help.
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    Sounds like your headset jacks is stuck, meaning it thinks there is a heaset plugged in. Try blowing in it. But there is not much you can do when it goes bad. It is a known weakspot on the Treos. Do a search for headset jack or similar. There was someone repairing them for about $50.
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    Thank you for your response. I did read about that problem quite a bit, but I thought that when that happened the "speakerphone" button is not visible while on a call? When I plug in a headset, the speakerphone button goes away, unplug the headset speakerphone comes back.
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    Could just be a speaker problem, I have had a speaker break, a microphone break, and the headset jack break. All three times I went to the store and they gave me a new phone and it was fixed. All three times I asked for an upgrade and got one. went from the 600 to the 650, 650 to the 700 and then from the 700 to the 755p.

    Good Luck
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    The speaker seems to work because I can use the speakerphone, but I can't hear MP3s or movies. I HAVE been paying insurance on this phone for almost 3 years now, so I could just take it to the sprint store and see what they say? But I kinda like my phone, and I would like to figure out what happened. I might just take it to the store in the end though. Thanks.
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    and you might get a 680 as a replacement
    you'll miss the antenna and enjoy a bit more onboard memory and support from palm.
    your 650 did last you quite long, congrats.
    palm has written the 650 off but mine is still doing fine (half a year younger than yours) and i am going to hang on to it
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    Try out Volume Care, it can bypass the problem. A trial should be able to tell you if that will work for you or not.
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    Well, I tried everything to no avail. I took it to the sprint store expecting a big hassle, but I did not have any hassle at all. The tech worked on it for a while but couldn't fix it. So they gave me a 755p. I liked the 650, it was a great device, but now I have a new phone. I have been paying for the phone insurance since the day the 650 came out and I have never had to use it - now I am glad I had it.

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