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    Whenever I set her (650) down in any way but easy, she automatically powers off...
    Any suggestions? I was thinking loose internals maybe? not sure, all I know is this never happened with previous 650... also, no warranty.

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    What do you meant by "powering off"? Do you meant that the cell radio turns off? Do you mean that the phone resets?
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    cell radio... os system and all apps still accessible.
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    could be a loose sim tray if it's a GSM 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo View Post
    could be a loose sim tray if it's a GSM 650
    Nailed it here, I'm sure... My 650 did this, as did my wifes to a lesser degree. Before Palm came out with the 'improved' tray (which IMO didn't really improve much) some folks around came out with the suggestion to shim the tray, which fixed both our phones.

    It also made it a little difficult to remove it later, but not too bad.

    What I used on both phones was a typical sticky note (2x2 inches?) and folded the sticky side on itself three times if I recall correctly.. Cut it as wide as the tray. That was just about the right thickness.
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    Cigarette pack paper worked like a charm...
    Thanks guys

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