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    Ok, here is the situation. I want to have all my work outlook calender alerts on my phone. I really dont care about getting work email. I cant access the exchange server directly (due to security, so says IT depo.. I work for a defense contractor). is there a way I can havea BT antenna on my work station, so anytime I am with in range of my phone it will auto-sync calender/alert etc data?

    Im new to the palm product line (just bought a Centro) I really like the phone, but I have a few short comings vs the blackberry 8830 that I am trying to iron out. google maps with a touch screen is awesome!
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    You could try using a bluetooth dongle and then manually syncing outlook to the centro with the BT connection. Assuming you have access to install new hardware and the hotsync software. In my experience, that probably won't happen without help from the IT department and their security folks. I would talk to them about what you can and can't put on a phone.
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    well I have full access to my personal machine, so i can install "whatever" on it...
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    purchase a usb bt dongle (I like the IOGEAR one that is cheap at the local Wally World).
    Install the syncing software that came with the phone and set the conduit to outlook. you will have to manually start the sync from the phone but its not difficult.

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