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    By now, you all have seen that Palm is releasing a second update to the AT&T Treo 680. What about us loyal row users?? Do we not count? This is so frustrating! I have to admit, I am very close to abandoning Palm for good. I have every Treo since the 270, and always end up building and testing my own updates because Palm just won't correct problems at releasing a fresh rom image. It seems we will have a new Treo before they fix the 680. This is making my Nokia N95 look pretty darn good right now. Anyone else angry about this?
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    Did the Retail 680 really need the AT&T updtae. I thought the errors that were fixed in that update did not occur in the retail version. But I must admit I would like to see some of the improvements from this new update to hit my treo as well. Also I would like the new SMS application from the centro. I like those little arrows they have now. But let's see what happens. And trust me, the treo is rocksolid compared to my P990i. That is the worst phone I ever owned. That is why I bought myself a Treo a month ago. I love, even though it falls short in some technical aspects. But usability wise, there is just no comparison!!



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