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    I am a Sprint customer who has been using a Treo 650 for a couple of years now. My 650 has never caused me any major problems, but I do have two major complaints and want to find out if these issues are likely to be resolved by purchasing a 755p. Here are my issues:

    1) POOR reception. The 650 barely works at my house (cutting in and out - dropped calls, etc) and I can't even force the thing to roam. I understand the 755p will allow me to force roam, but has the reception been improved significantly enough that I likely won't NEED to force roam? I've been contemplating a switch to Verizon, but Sprint is much cheaper (especially since I get corporate discounts). What's real frustrating is the knowledge that the problem is my phone and not Sprint's service. My wife has a Sanyo 4900 and gets flawless reception in our house even without extending the whip antenna that her phone comes equipped with.

    2) POOR bluetooth. I never did find a bluetooth headset that worked very well with the 650. I am one of the few who use a corded headset on my phone. I really want bluetooth to work and for people to not know I'm on Bluetooth.

    that's it... Two simple problems that have really created a love-hate relationship between me and my 650.

    Thanks for your replies!
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    I have a 650 that gets flawless reception and works perfectly with my bluetooth headset (Jabra), albeit I am on the Verizon network. I guess I'm saying that it is possible for this phone to work perfectly. I expect to upgrade to the 755p when Verizon gets it.
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    Verizon clearly has superior coverage to Sprint (at least in my area). My issue is that given the sub-par service of Sprint, the Treo 650 does not seem to have a high enough quality radio to make up for Sprint's shortcomings where some other phones (such as the aformentioned Sanyo 4900) clearly can perform adequately.

    Your 650 and my 650 likely have the exact same radio, so it isn't much of a reach to say that you have a sub-par phone on a high quality network. You therefore have good service. I have a sub-par phone on a sub-par network which creates poor service. My wife (Sanyo 4900 - Sprint) has a phone with a very high quality radio and sub-par service. She gets good service.

    So, my question really is: Has the radio in the Treo 755p been improved enough that I might once again be happy enough with Sprint to stay with them, or am I going to have to jump ship, pay more, and switch to Verizon (a very costly option considering the plan I need). If the 755p is equivelant to the radio on a Sanyo 4900, I'd be happy with Sprint again.

    Quote Originally Posted by smitpat View Post
    I have a 650 that gets flawless reception and works perfectly with my bluetooth headset (Jabra), albeit I am on the Verizon network. I guess I'm saying that it is possible for this phone to work perfectly. I expect to upgrade to the 755p when Verizon gets it.
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    Let me start off by saying that I never had a 650. If you look at my signature, I've actually jumped around a bit.

    Now, as far as reception, I must say that in my house I always used to get 1 or 2 bars with my 600 and 300, but with the 755p I get almost full bars on the regular.

    As far as the bluetooth, it seems to work quite fine. I use a Samsung WEP200 headset and for the first time people don't complain that I'm on a headset or that I should speak up or that they can hear me. Take that as you may.

    My overall opinion is that if you have a 650 and have the opportunity to upgrade to the 755p, go head patna.
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    I upgraded from Sprint 650 to the 755P and happy that I upgraded.

    With the two side by side, the screen looks sharper to me. Although I keep mine in a case I like the rubbery feel. I would check through the threads to see which software will not work on the 755P.

    As someone mentioned in the earlier threads, I would start fresh. I would not try to bring anything over from the old device. I started out that way and had to do plenty of resets. By default I think it only brings over your contacts anyway, I manually brought over my text messages to the new device.

    Things I don't like,
    Pocket tunes delux 4.0.1 use to crash all the time for me. 4.0.2 crash only if I leave it running for a long time.
    Currently trying out mRing. Ringo didn't work at all for me.
    Since there's no reset button by the battery, there's a thread about 755p ripcord, the person uses a tape to take out the battery. First I thought it was silly, but then I looked at my battery and notice that my finger nails dug deep along the side. When ever I have to reset, the tape trick works great.
    Battery starts out great, but after a few months of having it, it can run down quickly.

    Things I like:
    The internet speed.
    TCPMP movies look sharper to me.
    I use Toccer for AOL IM client. (other people reported problems with the default IM apps on the phone)
    Google maps is the bomb.
    Docs to go is ok, you have to upgrade but its still not version 10. (only 8)
    Pocket tunes. (the 755p comes with version 3 standard, a friend of mine provided me with 4.0.2 deluxe and now I can stream music. I would like to use 4.0.3 which I hear it is even more stable but that friend hasn't provided me with serial number so I may have to buy it, again).
    For email I use gmail and yahoo. (Don't want to read work email while I'm not at work).
    Overall its good. Don't miss the stubby antenna one bit.
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    Yes, the 755p is an improvement.

    I've gone from 650 to a 700 to a 755. Each one was an improvement over the other.

    Today the 650 feels bulky and crude, and techinically limited.

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    Just upgraded this week - could not be happier. The 755 is faster, EVDO is amazing, the "grippy" case is great, 4 gig card....

    Make the leap - you'll be glad you did.
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    I upgraded from a 650 to a 755p a few months ago. I love it.

    More memory (although it still needs more); no antenna stub; and my favorite is the better speed of EVDO when web browsing etc.

    I wish they hadn't moved the menu button though. I like the position of the 650's better.

    Go for it.

    Treo 755p / Sprint
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    I have had many a Treo and had my 650 for two and a half years with Cing/ATT.

    I switched two months ago to 755P Sprint and have never been happier.

    Cing/ATT coverage became terrible in my area when Cing/ATT broke off roaming with T-Mobile. Dropped calls all the time on two different 650's.

    755P data is much faster and in two months, with 2 755P's one reset in months.
    Not worrying about memory is huge too. And I have 4GB Mini SD
    One con is that there does seem to be a slight delay in switching applications compared to 650.
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    Well, after hearing all the positive replies about the 755p as a valuable upgrade from the 650, I took the plunge a couple days ago. So far, I'm finding it to be an overall improvement.

    - Internet is actually usable. The 650 might as well not have had Internet access. It was painfully slow. I was immediately impressed with the 755p.
    - Reception does appear to be better. I was dropping calls left and right in my house with the 650 and so far, it appears that I can actually use the 755p at home without trouble.
    - Better tactile feel to the unit. I had to buy eGrips to keep from dropping the 650 all the time. The 755p actually has a decent amount of grip, although I may still buy the eGrips for the 755p since I'm a bit of a klutz sometimes.
    - Internal antenna. The 755p looks nicer without the antenna sticking up.
    - Ability to force roaming. The 650 would always take a weak Sprint signal over a good roaming signal. Now if I run into that situation, I can at least force the 755p to take the roaming signal. (It seems to be that they should include an additional setting to "Use Best Signal", meaning that it would always take the BEST signal whether it's a Sprint signal or a roaming signal. The Force Roam actually PREVENTS it from using the Sprint network. Seems like an odd thing. The settings should be: "No Roaming", "Prefer Non-Roaming Towers but allow roaming", "Always use best Signal", "Force Roam". The "Always Use Best Signal" is missing).
    - Lighter weight. It's not substantially lighter, but every ounce makes a difference.
    - SprintTV is a neat gimmick. Maybe it will keep me from going nuts if I'm held over in an airport somewhere.
    - OnDemand service is nice (except that my phone crashed and rebooted once while using it).

    - Internal antenna. I know I just listed it as a positive, but I currently have a Krussel side case and I used to grab the 650 by the antenna. Now, I'm having trouble getting the 755p out of the case without dropping it. I sort of miss the external antenna from this perspective. I may have to buy a different case.
    - I do not like the stylus. This is a minor complaint and I don't really use the stylus much anyway. I use the tip of my fingernail most of the time.
    - The sync cable seems to be too tight of a fit. To avoid unnecessary wear on the unit, I will use Bluetooth Hotsync unless I'm syncing a bunch of data. I actually prefer the convenience of Bluetooth sync anyway.
    - I just don't get the Green Button versus the Green Phone Button. They added an unnecessary key that actually makes the phone a little more confusing to use. I was getting along just fine without the new Green Button.
    - Camera location. The way I hold the phone, I keep putting my index finger on the lens, which is obviously going to make the lens smudged. I liked the lens location on the 650 better.

    That's all my observations for now. Overall the positives FAR outweigh the negatives. I am very happy with my new phone. As a matter of fact, this phone's reception improvements will probably keep me from leaving Sprint. (I had made up my mind to switch to Verizon because of poor reception with the 650, but the 755p seems to have resolved my complaints with Sprint).
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    I played with the 755p and the centro. The green button seems nonfunctional. What exactly does it do?
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    I also switched very recently from a 650 (Verizon) to a 755 (Sprint). Overall I've very happy with my experience. My impressions are very similar to shyde, with a few exceptions:

    On the positive side, I would add the fact that I can do Bluetooth DUN (using the tethered mode hack) and USB DUN (using USBModem) at no cost beyond the basic PowerVision ($15/mo). With EVDO, the speeds are GREAT (especially with the USB DUN). And Bluetooth headsets work MUCH better on the 755. The extra memory ROCKS! No more cutting corners to get everything to fit into main memory that needs to be in main memory.

    On the minus side, I didn't find the lack of an antenna for gripping, stylus or location to be a factor. My biggest gripe about the 755 is the battery life, WAY less than the 650. Also, currently there is no 8GB mini SDHC card, so my storage capacity is cut in half compared to what it was on the 650 with an 8 GB SDHC. Not as important, as shyde mentioned, the button layout is inferior to the 650. And there are occasional lags when switching applications.

    Another point, because I kept the same user ID I could transfer all but one (PocketMoney) of my paid apps from the 650 over to the 755 using the original registration key. Not sure why PocketMoney won't work.

    Sprint coverage is fine, in fact at my house it's MUCH better than Verizon was. My phone is very stable, maybe once a week I get an "unplanned" reset. But I didn't have any significant stability issues with the 650 either, except when I tried to run too many things (Garmin Mobile XT GPS system + PocketTunes + Phone, for example) at the same time. I don't seem to have the same problems any more, presumably because I'm not pushing any memory limits.
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    Thanks for that review bobodobo. Its good to know about the battery life, button layout and the app switching lag on the 755p.

    Personally, I love how it feels in the hand. Its seems well made. But the power drain is a concern.

    Are you going to pick up an extended battery? How about stability? Have you seen fewer resets on the 755 vs the 650?

    One thing I couldn't figure out and its probably a stupid question, but what exactly does the green button do on the 755p?
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    I agree with bobodobo regarding the battery life.

    The first time I used Pocket Tunes deluxe to stream music without having it plugged in the battery dropped down to 20% after an hour. I was like what the ????

    But two things I noticed, 1.) if you do a reset by taking the battery out, hold down the power key while inserting back the battery, selecting yes will erase everything on your Treo, hitting the down arrows does not erase anything, your battery will last a bit longer and charge better.

    2.) I use the charger for the Treo 650 instead of the one that came with the 755P and my battery life is a bit better. My 650P charger didn't come with an over charge circuit thing inside, so that maybe the reason why I'm seeing better results with it.

    But overall its a big different between the 650 and the 755P regarding battery life, the 650 I didn't have to pay attention to it, the 755P I have to watch it.

    Last thing, the 755P is much lighter in your hand than the 650, and I agree with the other person regarding the Krusell case. That case fits snug. It can be hard pulling it off. Leather gloves in the winter and condoms are easier to pull off than that Krusell case, but protects your Treo just as well .
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    Quote Originally Posted by onekoolfella View Post
    Leather gloves in the winter and condoms are easier to pull off than that Krusell case, but protects your Treo just as well .
    You wear condoms on your hands in the winter???
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2smart4phone View Post
    You wear condoms on your hands in the winter???
    Yes I like to keep my hands and my Treo safe.
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    If you are with Sprint, did you data cost change a month going from the 650 to the 755?

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    I also went from a 650 to a 755p and really like the 755p for most of the reasons already listed. I was on an unlimited data plan with the 650, for $10 I think from way back, and Sprint did not change my plan at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chillg8r View Post
    I also went from a 650 to a 755p and really like the 755p for most of the reasons already listed. I was on an unlimited data plan with the 650, for $10 I think from way back, and Sprint did not change my plan at all.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    I have been waiting for AT&T to get the 755 and myl ocal AT&T manager said it would be introduced next month. I have a 650 and have wanted to go to the 755 but not switch carriers. Now with the introduction of the Centro I may wait for AT&T to get it.To all those that have really compared the755 and Centro any advice?

    Thanks GLS
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