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    I have a bunch of mpegs I would like to convert to Tealmovie format. Now I know that I have to convert them to avi's first before the Makemovie app will convert them to tealmovie format (you'd think Tealpoint would allow makemovie to convert straight from mpegs... oh well).

    Anyway, I have tried three different mpeg to avi converter utilities and none of the seem to work for me - Flask, VirtualDub, and eXstream. As far as Flask goes, I can't get the .pdb made from the Flask avi to even work. The .pdb from eXstream's avi breaks up and freezes. the .pdb from Virtualdub's avi is VERY grainy with all kind of artifacting, but at least it runs.

    Can anyone tell me what THEY have done to get mpeg's successfully converted to Tealmovie files? Thanks in advance.
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    VirtualDub has a lot of flexibility. Try different compression settings. Try different codecs. You can add new codecs to VirtualDub , i.e., Indeo 5.1, etc.

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