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    Just from yesterday my handset volume gone terribly wrong. I dont know why it happened. Now i can hardly hear anything in the conversation in a quiet room let alone in the street.

    I tried take the battery off and on again to reset, and system reset too, but it doesnt work. Anyone knows the problem to this and how to solve?

    Thanks alot.
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    Tossing out a few suggestions:

    Have you installed any new software lately?

    Have you checked that you didn't accidentally lower the sound by pressing the side buttons?

    Check the preferences/Sounds & Alerts and check the volume there for each option to see if you can hear them at the expected level (as you choose a level, you can hear how loud/soft the sound is). Maybe that will uncover something?

    Finally,call your voicemail, play a message, and see how it sounds ... any improvement?

    Good luck!
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    Try turning your handsfree speaker on and off during a call

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