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    I sync my calendar to Outlook and everything else to Palm Desktop. The default conduits make you choose all Outlook or all Palm Desktop, and Intellisync has handled this situation well in the past.

    Just got a Centro, and saw that on Intellisync's website, the latest version of Intellisync (6.0) only supports "Palm Desktop 4.0/4.1/4.1.4E", but the Centro has 4.2.

    Does anyone know if/when Intellisync will come out with a version that supports Palm Desktop 4.2? (or maybe v6.0 works fine with the new Palm Desktop 4.2...has anyone had success with it?)
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    I'd expect Intellisync 6.0 to work fine... I'm using version 5.5 here, with no apparent problems. Since I was upgrading from a Treo 650, I took the following (quite possibly unnecessary) steps in an effort to avoid conflicts.

    • uninstalled Intellisync
    • uninstalled Palm Desktop
    • installed the new version of Palm Desktop from my Centro CD
    • reinstalled Intellisync 5.5
    • applied all Intellisync 5.5 patches via Live Update
    • reconfigured Intellisync datasources and filters

    I didn't get any errors during sync, and my filters all seem to be working as intended.
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