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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and also to the palm treo....had a blackberry. Here is my problem with bluetooth hotsync. I have installed, reinstalled not once but several times the hotsync program also deleted my bluetooth connection several times and I am about ready to call it quits with this dang treo. I have. windows xp and every time I try to do a bluetooth hotsync I get this message (unable to initiate hotsync operation because the port is in use by another application). I have never had any problems connecting any type of phone or device to my pc until this dang thing. I hope someone here can help me as to palms chat support is useless and makes my regret even purchasing a treo.

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    Don't give up! Hotsyncing by bluetooth works great on my 755p. I assume, of course, you have paired your 755p with your computer. Right click your Hotsync icon and make sure that "Local USB" and "Local" are checked. You must initiate the hotsync from your 755p by tapping on the hotsync icon. On the Hotsync Screen, make sure "Local" is highlighted obove the Hotsync icon and your computer's name is selected below the Hotsync icon. When you tap "Hotsync" a bluetooth connection should be established and the hotsync should proceed. I hope this helps because I think the 755p is fantastic.
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