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    Is anyone using HandScape... what are your comments, is it worth it or is there anything better
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    I bought Handscape and dumped it for Launchem. Handscape goes against the Zen of Palm -- keeping it simple.
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    And I really like Launcher III, which allows you to make your own tabs, and show/hide them. It also shows battery/memory left by graphic bar or # of k as well as current time/date/day and icon tools.

    And, best of all, wait, I'd better check this........

    here's the link on PalmGear if you want to try it:

    tech note: Launcher III worked great on my Visor Deluxe. When I got the Prism, I went out and upgraded to the color version. This is the link for the color version. Only 45K.
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    I agree - I LOVE Launcher III!

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    Next version of Launcher III will have MemPlug support. It's in beta and works really well..
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