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    has palm fixed this yet or can i still not view youtube or flash vids yet?
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    You can if you install Kimona Player Version 4.When you load the pre-installed Kimona Player(v.1)up for the first time or after you do a reset.there's a link for the upgrade.And its discounted on top of everything.Its around $24 plus tax if I remember right.But the pre-installed version can play some YouTube videos.Just go to m dot youtube dot com.
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    Finally found a way to watch youtube videos natively! not the mobile version but youtube vids on youtube itself... PLUS you can also search thru Google and Yahoo Videos

    Register for remote web access at personal console in will have an Online Video "widget" and this will be available too when you go to your orb console thru Blazer.... there you can choose VIdeo... then Online video... from yahoo,google or youtibe vids... do a tag search and it will show you exact video you want. you can choose any youtube vid and then it will automatically "convert" it and then stream it to your Treo thru Kinoma.

    Hope that makes sense. It works!
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    It looks like this only works for Windows and not Mac at this time. Unless I'm mistaken.
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    Yup Windows only. Unless you have Parallels. I have it and it works with my Parallels-XP. Just could not access my external hard drive thru my Treo yet.

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