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    Ok, just picked up a 650 off of ebay and have done a lot of reading. I did a hard reset before I even attempted to load any software on it or put any contacts into it.

    So, after getting the phone activated and putting my contacts into the phone I noticed that when I connected to Sprint PCS Vision I got the prior account holders informaion. The next thing I know, my web access no longer works and I get a message saying that I have exceeded my spending limit. This prompted a call to Sprint who tell me that my account is fine.

    Is there a setting that I am missing? Did I not delete something with the hard reset?

    Also, under Phone Info there is a username that isn't mine. Is there anyway to change that?

    Oh, I tried searching but no dice.

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    Hard Reset

    When all else fails!!! A hard reset will erase everything you have on your Treo (excluding what's on the ROM, or what you have on your SD card). Do this only as a last resort and ensure that you have BACKED UP your data beforehand.

    To perform a hard reset, start your reset in any of the ways mentioned above. This time, press and hold down the red phone button until the Palm screen appears. When the Palm screen appears, let go of the red phone button. You will then be prompted (in many languages) to press up to erase all data, or down to abort. You will want to press the UP to complete the Hard Reset. Your Phone will reboot and start up with the Language Selection.

    Zero-Out Reset

    A zero out reset will regress a device that has non-volatile memory to its factory-fresh state. When done correctly, it completely rewrites your device's internal memory with zeros and ones, ensuring that any data is expunged. It should be used only if you want all information completely obliterated (example: you're selling your handheld, or you're sending it in for repair, and want to protect your privacy).

    1. Read through these instructions before attempting the reset. We made this method of zero out reset extremely awkward to perform, so that it would not happen by accident. You may need the help of a dextrous friend if you find it too difficult to do by yourself.
    2. Connect your device to its HotSync cable or cradle. The HotSync cable does not need to be connected to your PC, and it does not need to be connected to power.
    3. Press and hold the Power button and UP on the 5-way navigator.
    4. While continuing to hold Power and UP, press and hold the HotSync button on the HotSync cable or cradle. As you press HotSync, make sure your other finger doesn't slide to LEFT or RIGHT on the 5-way navigator; it needs to be exactly on UP during the entire process. Although you are pressing the HotSync button, a HotSync operation should not begin.
    5. While continuing to hold Power, UP and HotSync, press and release the RESET button on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?). This is very difficult to do with only one person; you may wish to hold the stylus in your mouth and use your hands to press Power, UP and HotSync.
    6. Release Power, UP and HotSync.
    7. If you did this reset correctly, the screen of your device will go blank, and you will not be able to turn it on. The charging LED will not light up, even if it's connected to power. It will appear to be "dead." (any other activity -- such as the Palm OS logo or a rainbow-colored Boot Log screen appearing -- means the reset was performed incorrectly; try again)
    8. Your device will appear "dead" for several minutes (up to 10 minutes). During this time, your device's internal memory is being reformatted. If your device doesn't appear "dead" for several minutes with the screen completely blank, the zero out reset was performed incorrectly; try again.
    9. After several minutes, your device will "wake up" and the palmOne and Palm Powered logos will appear as if you had performed a hard reset. Eventually, you'll be taken to a series of screens to calibrate the touchscreen and set date & time.
    10. If you want your handheld to remain in factory state, stop here. If you want to restore data to your device, follow the steps for recovering after a hard reset (a zero out reset is a special type of hard reset).

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