My Sprint Treo 700p has the latest 1.10 update and Versamail 3.5.4.
A few weeks ago I decided to set up activesync with work to better sync my emails/contacts/calendar (todos would be nice, too BTW).

After the first connection, the Treo insisted that I set up a security password - ok, knew to expect that. Somewhere there was also a warning about 10 consecutive wrong passwords causing a wipe of all "company information".

Fair enough, and everything worked REALLY great for a few weeks until today.

I pulled out my Treo and typed the security password incorrectly on the first try (no big deal, done that before).
WRONG!!, it was a big deal. My Treo immediatly reset and came back with a message about "reformatting" in about 5 different languages.

When it finally came back - EVERYTHING was gone: all data and software completely wiped !!!!

Out of curiosity I reset Versamail and was able to repeat the phenomenon: a CUMULATIVE total of 10 attempts over all login sessions (not just the current one) caused the Treo to wipe itself of all data.

Does anybody know:
Is this normal behavior ?
Is there a fix, or I carrying a ticking timebomb with respect to incorrect passwords ?

Big warning to everyone out there - be SURE to back up your data OFTEN if you are using activesync !!!