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    Migrating from Palm device to Palm device is an art form. I've done it so many times, and so many different ways. I'm interested in hearing how people are doing it from their Treo's to Centros.

    So far, what I've been doing is using BB VFS to selectively restore my software one app at a time as well as my contacts/tasks/memos/cal. This ensures that all my data is good without overwriting system settings things like Carrier Profiles which could possibly corrupt the Centro (at least from GSM to CDMA).

    When I'm done, and I try and re-sync with my Mac, I hope everything works as it did before. But I haven't gotten that far yet.
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    Fresh install of everything, I dont have too many apps.

    Contacts I sent from my 755p to the Centro via Bluetooth and my calendar was synced via my EAS email thru Versa
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    I just renamed the old Backup folder in my Palm user directory (to BackupOld) and synched to get my main data. Then I used the backup directory to reinstall the PRC's for the applications that weren't already on the Centro. Re-entered install codes, etc. and they all worked, except for BackupBuddyVFS, which I apparently never had a code for, or something.

    But Quicken worked, and some games and freeware apps all worked fine. Butler does not work. Ringo works. Volume Care caused a crash and I'm not sure I need it on this phone anyway. I did not bother reinstalling some other programs I've sort of grown out of over the years. The only thing that caused a problem was the DocstoGo desktop application, which unlike the Palm Desktop, Quicken, and everything else, wouldn't synch. I had to poke around for awhile to find it before successfully downloading the desktop part from the Palm website.

    Anyway, after the apps were installed, I plugged my Treo's SD card and the new microSD card (via an adapter) into my laptop, and directly copied some things like PDF files, eReader .pdb files, and ringtones. I also had a store-bought SD card with games like Scrabble and Monopoly that I do play sometimes, and I wasn't sure if it would work, but I copied this over to the microSD card too, just keeping everything in its same directory. Seems to work fine.

    Then with my old phone handy, I spent an hour or so getting my category screens the way I like them, and setting up speed dial buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnL_ View Post
    (I wonder what a 650 in excellent shape with a bunch of accessories bundled might be worth?)
    Not as much as my unlocked Crimson 680, which has become somewhat of a collectors item.

    Using BB VFS is having its drawbacks. I guess some system funcitonality doesn't always restore with files, unless you know every single file you need. Chatter has a lot of files, and it complained the first time I started up, but now seems ok. Not getting the warm and fuzzy though.

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