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    Humpty Dumpty did not take a big fall. Distance was less than a foot and look what happened!
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    Ouch! What kind of surface did it hit...carpted, concrete, wood?

    My Treo 700p fell to the ground a couple of times over the last year with no lasting damage (just lucky I guess), but my sister's 650 started to come apart after a couple of falls (I guess the screws that hold it together came loose).

    With the reduced weight of the Centro and rounded corners I'd hope that it would be fairly durable. Hopefully you just had bad luck and this wont' be a chronic problem for all Centro users.
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    I droped my 600 and 650 multiple times. no screen cracks. I dropped my 700p yesterday on the train (listenting to Mps, headset cord got stuck). No problem. I've always founf all of the treo to be quite durable.
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    It hit my car floorboard. Carpet! Perhaps it hit a bolt that holds the seat down. I am taking it back to the sprint store for them to look at.
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    hopefully they won't give you crap about getting it fixed
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    That's worrisome! I've dropped my 3-year-old Treo 650 more times than I can count on carpet, wood floors, concrete, etc and aside from the odd scratch, it's been bulletproof.

    I hope I don't have to put the centro in a skin case to keep it alive - that would rather defeat the purpose of replacing my 650 with a smaller phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sotx View Post
    It hit my car floorboard. Carpet! Perhaps it hit a bolt that holds the seat down. I am taking it back to the sprint store for them to look at.

    That's a bit disturbing. I hope you're right and it did hit the bolt. Otherwise, it'll never survive.

    Good luck getting it fixed/replaced.
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    ouch..Im salivating at getting a treo. Hopefully your right about the bolt theory.
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    It would have to have it something sticking up that gave an impact at that one specific spot at the bottom left of the screen. If it would've hit any kind of flat surface there would've been no way for an impact to have that much pinpoint stress to cause that crack. Just bad luck. A good reason to have insurance. And a case probably would've absorbed some of the stress of the impact. Sucks though when you have your new pristine toy and have that happen. Hope they can take care of you.
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    that's terrible , i hope everyone's right and it was just bad luck (of course i don't mean that i hope it was bad luck for you )
    good luck on gettin' it replace,
    i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya.
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    That sucks! I hope they can fix it! I've dropped my 755 on concrete and asphault multiple times and its just a little scratched. I always forget its on my lap when I get out of my Expedition...Its a good drop from up there, but no real damage so far! Knock on wood...maybe the extra bulk on the Treo is body armor.
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    yeah my old 600 took some lickins falling out of my lap when getting out the car. But it was a solid build.

    Good Luck
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    Insurance is a great thing...
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    Damn I know how you feel.

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    Considering it's your fault, I sure hope you have the insurance. If you don't, I sure hope you activate the insurance before you take the phone to a Sprint store.
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    The area trainer came by today and certified me on the centro. I broke one down to motherboard and a pile a parts and rebuilt it so these types off issues will be serviceable in the near future. Right now the only way to get parts would be to take it off a return which we can't do. Hopefully they will start sending us parts in the near future.

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    what is the deal with the built in screen protector- could that be a factor in this?
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    I didn't have much time to inspect it but it actually have a thin layer of foam/sponge bordering the screen, I assume to help absorb impact. He probably just tapped the sweet spot on the LCD or maybe it was defective from the get go. I'm actually returning my first centro because the screen is half a millimeter crooked. I'm not disassembaling my own device to fix it, its 3 days old. Two other techs have the same issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffnician View Post
    the screen is half a millimeter crooked.
    Would that mean the display would appear crooked by a half a millimeter as well?

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    Yes right at the bottom, once i saw it, I can't stop seeing it. The LCD is in there very well but the 3 in my store all have slightly crooked screens, we are all exchanging them. I inspected a couple that were sold today and they were all straight.
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