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    Yes right at the bottom, once i saw it, I can't stop seeing it. The LCD is in there very well but the 3 in my store all have slightly crooked screens, we are all exchanging them. I inspected a couple that were sold today and they were all straight.
    That would drive me nuts Muffnician.

    Good Luck with that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffnician View Post
    I didn't have much time to inspect it but it actually have a thin layer of foam/sponge bordering the screen, I assume to help absorb impact. He probably just tapped the sweet spot on the LCD or maybe it was defective from the get go. I'm actually returning my first centro because the screen is half a millimeter crooked. I'm not disassembaling my own device to fix it, its 3 days old. Two other techs have the same issue.
    Yup - this seems to be a common QA problem coming out of assembly -- I saw the same problem with the unit I was about to purchase, happened to notice the misalignment, and asked for another unit.

    Once it checked out ok, I purchased & took my unit home. Moral of the story: look over the unit BEFORE activating & purchasing.

    Otherwise, got to say this Centro is rock solid after 7 days of use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by headcase View Post
    Moral of the story: look over the unit BEFORE activating & purchasing.
    Employees don't have this luxury we a relegated to telesales for device purchase. We are compensated with one day shipping, but you end up with situations like mine where you get a defective one. I will just call and request a return kit, they will mail me a brand new one in the mean time, I just have to deal with it for a few days more. I'll live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadpiratedoug View Post
    hopefully they won't give you crap about getting it fixed
    The insurance is definitely the key. I have the insurance and because of that they are doing an advanced replacement swap for me! NOW when the new one gets in I will definitely get some kind of case or holster!
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    I've got one with the slightly crooked screen too. I'm hoping to exchange it today, and hoping that if I get to, they will have one with a straight screen in stock! I'd exchanged my first one yesterday for a button sticking, the screen on that one was fine. I didn't think to check my new one over before I got it. Other than that my experience has been that it's an absolutely fantastic product! No random resets or crashes at all, since the night I got it (on the 13th).
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    Glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed the crooked screen issue.

    I took it to my local SPCS store and the manager opened up a new box, turned it on and it was worse than mine. He told me they're apparently all like that.

    Guess, I have to go to a different SPCS store and ask for an exchange, though I could call CS and see if they'll do the exchange...of course I'd miss out on the ability to check the screen *before* taking the unit home.
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    I only had to swap out once before I got a good one. Got lucky.
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