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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonman View Post
    Mark my words, This phone is gonna make Palm a TON of money. It's easily the most sold phone at my store and this has NEVER happened witha smartphone. There are a huge number of people who want the features of a Palm on their cell but felt 3-400 was too much.

    Price sells in the phone industry and the value for this price is unbeatable...JMO
    That's not saying much considering Sprint's lackluster history of Smartphone offerings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JGold View Post
    That's not saying much considering Sprint's lackluster history of Smartphone offerings.
    I believe Dragonman was saying NO smartphone has been the highest seller among all phones in his store . . . this includes non Treo or Palm offerings. . . . .
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    A bit off topic, but in considering upgrading to the 700p or waiting until the 755p was released, I went with the motorola q9m. Why? Even though the treo is a great device, for half the cost I get full BT (including voice dialing), great battery life, small form factor, usb connector and the best keyboard on the market. I usually hate Moto products, but it seems they took everything wrong with the original q and corrected most of it in the q9m.
    This is what palm should be doing instead of modest upgrades for a 3-400 price tag. The centro in red looks like a toy. I personally think its a great price, but if it shipped with wm instead of pos, I think it would be an even bigger seller.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Q~ View Post
    The Centro is just a stop-gap device. Palm releasing the Centro just lets us know they are still alive, but it isn't going to save them. They are going to need to step up in a hurry and put out a new flagship device or they are going to loose alot of people to the iphone and RIM. Right now, the Blackberry Curve can easily go head to head with a Treo and would arguably come out ahead in many areas.

    Palm is hanging on by a tread. If it weren't for the Window Mobile Treos they would certainly be dead or dieing.

    Dont' get me wrong. I love my Treo 755P and wouldn't trade for anything out there. However, I certainly am not going to roll into another Treo in a year if all I'm getting is a slightly upgraded version of what I already have.
    The centro is not a competitor to anything blackberry. Blackberry has an additional fee for its use that centro does not have and is twice the price.

    Same with the iphone. Its not a direct competitor to the centro. The centro is an entry level phone/smart device for the average consumer. The iphone is a high level, bells and whistles, touch phone with no physical keyboard made for someone who wants access to itunes on their phone.

    For the money, the centro is a perfect device for what it does. Its cheap, fits in your pocket (no need for a bulky belt mounted system) and does not require a special fee for its usage like both the iphone and the blackberry do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post
    ... someone could put a Centro's inner works in a 680 shell... with the bigger 680 keyboard, battery, and screen and standard SD slot... other wise the same Centro works. (You could also lose the antenna, though that's not important to me).

    I wonder if it is possible??
    but why would you want that? I have big hands--I'm a 6 foot tall guy with big fingers, and find the keyboard to be fine. Not perfect, but it works well for its form factor.

    The battery... again, whats the problem. Used it all day, made phone calls, surfed the web, played with it, IM'd my sister.. I was at 71% at 3 pm. hmm, thats pretty darn good.

    The screen is nice and small (Again, its a smaller form factor phone) and has a good resolution. I have no problems seeing or reading anything on the screen.

    I don't want a huge honkin phone like the 755 or the 650. I want a small rounded phone that can fit in my pocket that doesn't need a case on it. I absolutely hate having to wear a phone on my belt. Thats whats so great about this phone. Slip it in your pocket and forget about it until you get an IM or call.

    Why is what size smart card you use even an issue? boggle. I took the one out of my razr and put it in this phone. Seemed perfect to me.

    EDIT.. Just wanted to add that enabling wireless mail sync with the exchange server every 15 mins sucks it down more. I'm going to change it to push only and see how it does, but its been on for 4 hours and i'm at 86% now
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    Quote Originally Posted by slag View Post
    The centro is not a competitor to anything blackberry. Blackberry has an additional fee for its use that centro does not have and is twice the price.
    Actually the carriers now seem to be stumbling all over each other to offer better, cheaper BB plans -- I think they all smell *sales* and the tremendous recent success of BB/RIM (market cap is now greater than Motorola). Tmo recently dropped their BB plan rates and now Sprint has a new BB rate of "only" $30/mo (a lot better than the previous $50/mo).
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    Well, here's an update...

    Although I prefer regular SD cards, I'm convinced we'll never see them on smartphones again, not on new ones with all the push for smaller and smaller phones. I do not mind the 650's size. I like the bigger keyboard and especially the bigger screen. My eyes are not as young as they used to be. However, I today stopped by the sprint store and asked about the Centro. They had it out, but the lady did not know that. I tried it out and am impressed with the keyboard still being very usable, and the screen doesn't seem too small even for me. For only a hundred bucks, and with the tweaking they did to improve the problems of the 700P and even the 755p, It seems there is finally a phone I can get when the 650 dies. If I gotta change from SD cards, I might as well get the Centro. I know they wanted non-treo owners to get this, but it may be good for people like me too.

    However, I'm on verizon, so I don't expect it to be available very soon. My wife loves verizon service and has no interest in us all switching our family plan (3 phones and my treo 650), even if the plan and data is so much cheaper, so I continue to wait for "the network" to catch up with Sprint.

    I know, by then the POS/Linux phone may be out...
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    one easy thing to do, though pricing might drop more on cards by the time the Centro is available from Verizon, I took a 2gb microSD and started using it in my 700p with the adapter. When I get my Centro, I just pop the micro out of it's adapter and into the Centro. Then I'm on my way. Going to play with a demo until my rep orders them in for my company.

    And in regards to sales, the flagship phone, the "best" phone and all that blah, everyone makes this out to be like Palm has to corner the market with the LPOS phone. It just needs to be a good phone with a great UI, multitasking, the latest and greatest features in a nice form factor. It needs to sell well, but not be #1 in the market. It needs to put a nice little dent in the BB, WM and Symbian market while maintaining it's current POS base. It then needs to license out the OS and let others build phones that appeal to different crowds. Make the sexy one for the younger crowd. Make a complete workhorse for the self proclaimed "power users". Then if it's what we all hope it is, you'll start seeing all these programs popping up like they did for the POS years and years ago. You get back to the simplicity and diversity of programs that really launched palm way back when. You'll have more people writing programs for it than Symbian and BB for sure. And with a simpler interface and more efficient OS than WinMob, it could add up to a nice comeback. That's if they do it right. I think the 700wx was the only thing they really did right in a long long time. The Centro might be the second thing. And it is very sad to think that after being left with the great concept of the 600, all they've manage to do with it to this point is advance it to the point of the Centro. It's just sad, very sad.
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