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    Just got my Centro.

    Love the size.

    Love the look.

    Miss my LED BADLY!

    question: On the phone screen at the top right corner the icons on my Centro go as follows:
    Battery icon
    Reception meter thingy (the bars)
    Bluetooth icon
    then an Icon that looks some what like a compass. What is this icon? What does it represent?
    On my Centro, there is a red line thru this icon and now looking at my old 755 I see the same icon but with no red line thru it.
    Does anybody else have this on their Centro?

    TIA for any help.
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    That is Sprint's Location Service. The red line means it is disabled (unless you dial 911). When enabled, Sprint can locate you by your phone. It can be used by law enforcement and rescue people in case you are wanted or go missing.

    If you are on the run, I'd advise disabling it ASAP.<img>
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    Thank you!

    any word on a way to revive my LED?

    I dont know if I can live without it for very long
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    have a feeling they'll be releasing a patch for that at some point. I can't imagine that feature being left off on purpose. Sounds like a mistake,
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    Is there a way to manually "turn on" the Sprint Location Service on the Centro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crogs571 View Post
    have a feeling they'll be releasing a patch for that at some point. I can't imagine that feature being left off on purpose. Sounds like a mistake,
    i am hoping it is a mistake. when i heard there was no led for alerts i was hesitant of buying a centro. people say it's even in the manual that the led should light up for alerts (missed call, message etc.) well i'm still getting a centro and hoping there is a patch or even a developer who can make the led light up for alerts!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tampaguy75 View Post
    Is there a way to manually "turn on" the Sprint Location Service on the Centro?
    From the Phone screen:

    Menu---> Options ---> Phone Preferences

    Right under the call forwarding option, there are two buttons, Location ON or 911 only. Select Location ON to turn on the location service.
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    As long as your cellphone is on, your cellphone company (and hence emergency authorities) can determine where your cellphone is, down to the area served by a particular cellular tower. This is true regardless of whether your phone's location service is enabled, disabled, or not even supported.

    The location service discussed in this thread can narrow your location down even further using your phone's Assisted GPS ("AGPS", not GPS) feature. On Sprint Treos, the compass icon (or more properly a target icon) indicates that this more precise information may be made available to *commercial* services that Sprint contracts with (or will contract with -- I'm unaware of any actual current contracts). The target icon with the red line through it means that the more precise location information is *only* available to 911 answering points when you make 911 calls.

    I'm a paramedic. When we receive an emergency call, data from the 911 call comes up on the computer in my ambulance. The data for callers using cellphones includes the street address of the cellphone tower, plus the lattitude and longitude of the cellphone tower, plus the sector (or side) of the tower that received the call, plus an uncertainty indication in meters. Some of that information is provided by the location service mentioned in this thread. You may remember newspaper articles about the federal government requiring cellular companies to provide more precise location information to 911 systems. It's all related.

    Sprint would like you to leave the location service fully enabled so that (in the future) it can sell your more precise location information to advertisers. If this ever comes to be, you will notice that your phone tends to receive amazingly relevant text messages (or perhaps other notifications) when you are near certain spots. For instance, walk past an ice cream store, and your phone may remind you how hot it is outside.

    If you've seen the movie Minority Report, you've seen this concept depicted.

    Anyone who's not a teenager will want to keep the location service in the 911-only mode.
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    This service has been around for a while. The service is provided by WaveMarket. If the A.GPS of the "child phone" is turned off, the "parent phone" (or account) can still receive relative location information based on cell site triangulation, albeit less accurate.
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