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    I just brought over all the apps from my 650, and Opera Mini complains that the Java environment isn't installed. A quick Google says that it came free with the 650, but other's need to buy it.

    But then when I went to the Palm software store to pay the $6 for it, it said something about only working on certain Palms, of which the Centro was not one.

    Is that in fact the software I want? Or should I be looking elsewhere?

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    i installed jvm on my centro, as well as opera mini yesterday?
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    Wow, sweet, that was exactly what I was looking for.

    But oddly, I can't use the hardware buttons to switch out of a Java app (Oper Mini, or Gmail) like I could with the 650. I have to use the app's menu to Quit first.

    Is that how it is for everyone else also?

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    Yep, I have to press the phone button to bring up the pull down menu to exit.

    And thanks for the link to the JVM. The one I was running is 5.7.1. There seems to be a 5.7.2 out now.
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    By the way, does anyone know what the optimal memory and thread stack size settings should be for the Java preferences?

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    1MB and 32KB for OM 3
    1MB and 16KB for OM4B
    I just delete both of them. They are not as stable as on my T|X, and its hard to reset centro (that battery door is doable, but scary, I have to avoid doing that too much for now)
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    yeah, i'd really avoid opera mini unless you like taking that cover off..
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    Yeah, you're right, both versions only lasted a few minutes.

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    hi, i had a question about running java apps. i've got jvm up and running on my phone, and i'm trying to play the legend of zelda java game. i loaded the game (.jar file) onto the mini sd card on my centro, but i can't seem to get it to run. it isn't showing up when i click on the ibm java button. is this a problem with the zelda game, or is there some special way i have to load it? thanks...
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    ok, actually i seem to be getting errors when i try to load this stuff onto my phone. the quick installer says "there is no application on the organizer to handle this file" when i try to send over .jar files.

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