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    Sprint PCS BizCon Personal Edition, an application that allowed Treo to receive push email from your Outlook Desktop (after spam filter even with dozens of email accounts), synced to Outlook Calendar and Contacts, and allowed access to your "My Documents" folder is DEAD per Seven Networks and it will not be updated for 755p.

    There was a BizCon client on the PC desktop that pushed email from your PC to a Sprint PCS server that then pushes, syncs, and allows access to your PC via Outlook and your "My Documents" folder. There was also a client on the Palm that received the pushed mail, calendar, and contact information. With these two clients and the Sprint PCS mail server, you could do just about everything on the Palm that you could do at your PC.

    Anyone have an alternative?
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    The client for the 700p does not work on the 755? I have used BC for years. Sprint still charges me for it as a part of the Vision Professional Pack. Still works fine and the Sprint servers are still responding and pushing email from 3 accounts to my phone.

    Sprint intends to discontinue this service? Surely they have a replacement in mind?
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    If you can sign up for the beta at, the developer of the application, you can set up for service there and install the 755p.prc, which works fine.

    Yeah, it seems Sprint is more interested in pushing people to the very expensive Crackberry's and their ridiculous service plans.
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